Film + Television

Amityville Ripper (executive producer)
Attack of the Corn Zombies (associate producer)
Bad Apples (special thanks)
Big Cats (executive producer)
A Blood Moon Rising (executive producer)
Blood on the Bleachers (special thanks)
The Boy from Below (producer)
Bring Me a Skin for Dancing In (executive producer)
Broken Innocence (executive producer)
Camp Blood 9: Bride of Blood (associate producer)
Catman (executive producer)
Chum (associate producer)
Courage (producer)
Cracula (special thanks)
Crackcoon (executive producer)
Crust (executive producer)
Cursed Waters (special thanks)
Desert Fiends (co-producer)
Desperate Souls (associate producer)
Faces of Africa (associate producer)
Faithful (associate producer)
Fang (associate producer)
FGA (executive producer)
The Finca (associate producer)
Go Away (executive producer)
Grind (co-producer)
A Hard Place (executive producer)
The Haunted Studio (executive producer)
Haunting Trophies (associate producer)
Hero for a Day (associate producer)
Hidden Flora (executive producer)
I Feel Fine (associate producer)
Irish Ashes (executive producer)
It Came From Somewhere (associate producer)
Killcast (associate producer)
Killer Campout Part II (executive producer)
Killer Pizza (associate producer)
Mansplained (executive producer)
Marbles (associate producer)
Nano Shark (associate producer)
New Fears Eve (executive producer)
Not Too Far Away From Paradise (associate producer)
Nothing New (executive producer)
Pancake Man (associate producer)
Placid Park (executive producer)
Please Stop (associate producer)
Replica (associate producer)
Ripper Revealed (executive producer)
Shredded (executive producer)
Skate to Hell (assistant producer)
The Slasher Nurse (executive producer)
Spider Baby (associate producer)
Taker of Souls (executive producer)
Threnody (producer)
Unseen (associate producer)
Woke (associate producer)
Wolf Hollow (producer)
A Wonderful Life (executive producer)
WrestleMassacre 2 (executive producer)
XXX-Mas (co-producer)
Yule Log - The Movie (executive producer)

Baby Cindy (optioned)
Baby in the Basement (produced; adapted from the stage play)
Better Places to Go (optioned; adapted from the stage play)
Bracelets (produced; adapted from the stage play)
Boxcar (produced; Dutch title: Wagon; adapted from the stage play)
Don't Say Bad Things About Me (optioned; adapted from the stage play)
Frozen Stars (produced; adapted from the stage play)
Mesmerized (optioned; adapted from the novel)
The Snack Queens (optioned; adapted from the stage play)
Subterfuge (produced)
Threnody (produced; adapted from the stage play)

All scripts are WGA registered

Filtinsel (film review website)
Aliens (1986)
Bros (2022)
Joy Ride (2023)
Mermaids (1990)
The Menu (2022)

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