Friday, August 18, 2017


A month before graduation, in the middle of a wild party, a frustrated high school student named Gina locks herself in the bathroom. She's finally fed up with all the hypocrisies and surface relationships of adolescence, from her outrageously unfaithful boyfriend to her compulsively promiscuous best friend. With biting humor, Gina revisits her past, sizes it up with newfound maturity, and leaves it behind for a brighter future.

This short comedic play by David-Matthew Barnes features roles for 2 women and 1 man. All three characters are in high school. This script contains mature subject matter.

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Read about the history of Are You All Right in There?

"This show is fresh, contemporary and aimed at today's generation!"
The Auburn Extra

"Are You All Right In There? takes a look into a high schooler's mind and exposes her inner thoughts...a character existing in a world of stereotypical friends, she's the only one who's got a grip on reality..."
The American River Current

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Title of the Day: AND THE WINNER IS...

And the Winner Is by David-Matthew Barnes

It's time to go backstage at the Academy Awards, where the five nominees for Best Actress -- the aging superstar, the British diva, the impressionable teen idol, the indie film queen, and the "token" African-American nominee -- battle it out during an interview with the entertainment reporters from hell.

This short comedic play by David-Matthew Barnes features roles for 6 women and 1 man and requires a simple set to produce. This script contains adult language and subject matter.

Available exclusively from Playscripts.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Title of the Day: PENSACOLA

This award-winning play by David-Matthew Barnes explores the lives of four Southern women. Trudy has been a single mother since her husband went to work one day and never came home. Since then, she has tried to find a cure for her loneliness while working as a cocktail waitress at The Tide Pool. Charlotte is married and has two daughters of her own. Recently, Charlotte suspects that her husband has been unfaithful and that their marriage is falling apart. Marie, a recent high school graduate, has had a difficult time deciding on the right career for herself and ponders over going to secretary school, competing for the title of Miss Florida or becoming the U.S. Ambassador to Cuba. Always armed with the best gossip in town, Trudy’s best friend Berniece decides to end her affair with a younger man when a life-altering tragedy hits home. Pensacola is a powerful and heart-warming celebration of family, love, and strength.

Available exclusively from JAC Publishing & Promotions.

Pensacola has been performed in Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Sacramento, and more!

"Pensacola depicts the lives of an eclectic collection of Southerners in the tradition of Tennessee Williams...humorous and witty dialogue...the authentic portrayal of human nature...the poignant depiction of people reacting to crushed dreams..."
The California Aggie 

"Pensacola, both touching and humorous, explores the lives of four eclectic Southern women as they discover their personal strengths and destinies...think Steel Magnolias by way of Tennessee Williams, with a detour through the mind of Elmore Leonard..."
Charlotte Theatre Magazine

"At turns comedic and dramatic (but always impressive), the Southern-flavored dialogue of Pensacola brought readily to mind the works of Tennessee Williams...warm-hearted and heart-warming..."
The Night Cap 

"Recent events add poignancy to its message about the randomness of violence and the fragility of love..."
The Sacramento Bee 

"The reaction of some of the women to an immigrant as a love interest gives Pensacola a social slant that the all-white small-town characters of Steel Magnolias lacked...Barnes has engineered some amusing dialogue..."
The Sacramento News & Review

Monday, August 14, 2017

Title of the Day: FALSE HOPES

The thought-provoking False Hopes explores the concept of motherhood from the perspective of three women connected to the same corporation. Amy, an ambitious new employee, chooses to have an abortion after discovering she’s pregnant with the child of her married boss. Claudia, a struggling secretary, discovers she’ll never be able to have children of her own. Nicole is pregnant with her first child but has recently realized she’s not in love with her successful executive husband.

This dramatic short play by David-Matthew Barnes features roles for three women and requires a simple set to produce. This play contains adult subject matter.

Available exclusively from JAC Publishing & Promotions.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Title of the Day: DON'T MENTION IT

Don't Mention It by David-Matthew Barnes

Winner of the World AIDS Day Writing Contest for Best Stage Play, this poignant one-act play by David-Matthew Barnes tells the tale of  sixty-year-old New York native Stella who turns to her best friend, Madeline, for comfort and strength, when she discovers that her grandson has been diagnosed with AIDS.

Don't Mention It feature roles for two women (both in their 60's) and requires a simple set to produce.

The script was featured in the national magazine A&U America's AIDS Magazine.

Available exclusively from JAC Publishing & Promotions.


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