Thursday, February 14, 2019

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Four New Plays for Children and Teens


We are pleased to announce the publication of four new plays for children and teens by David-Matthew Barnes: The ClubhouseMy Lips Are SealedOne Stupid Moment, and Thirteen. The plays are available from Drama Notebook.

Thirteen is a scene about two thirteen-year-old girls. When Mallory and Regina find out that they haven’t been invited to Sally Anne’s slumber party they’ll have to decide how they feel about it. They’ll try indifference, relief, and all out judgment to get through the rejection! A great scene for tweens and teens about fitting in and making the best of a situation!

My Lips Are Sealed is a scene about two teen girls. Brenda is fed up with her best friend’s gossiping, and challenges her to a double dare with high stakes: no gossiping for 24 hours.  Will Jennifer keep her lips sealed or will she lose control and the bet? A great scene for teens about the compulsive habit of gossiping.

The Clubhouse is a scene about two boys and the promise they made to a friend. It’s summer and Joey and Eric are struggling with the decision to enter their shared clubhouse. They made a promise to their friend Tommy not to go inside without him but he’s gone and there is fun to be had. Do they start their summer vacation with a broken promise? An amusing scene that boys will love performing!

One Stupid Moment is a scene about two teen girls and one very embarrassing moment. Stacey is mortified when the boy she likes approaches her and she accidentally burps in front of him. Her best friend, Rachel, tries to comfort her but when she elaborates on the volume of the burp and how many people heard it, Stacey may never recover. A great scene for teens!

Just Before the Drop: Performances in Richmond

David-Matthew's short play Just Before the Drop will be performed at the Firehouse Theatre in Richmond, Virginia on March 28, 29, and 30 (four shows). This production is being directed by Jaqueline Jones and stars Kaye Weinstein Gary and Andrew Etheredge.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

New Release! The Hula Hoop Girls

We are pleased to announce the publication of The Hula Hoop Girls!

American Capitals is the first installment of this brand new series David-Matthew Barnes has created for young readers/performers. Each script in The Hula Hoop Girls series will explore different educational themes. The play is available from Drama Notebook. Expect more news about The Hula Hoop Girls (and more new titles of David-Matthew's from Drama Notebook) soon!

About the script: The Hula Hoop Girls: American Capitals is a scene about two second-graders. Jodie and Miranda would rather practice for a life in the circus than prepare for an upcoming test on US capitals. They’ll have to decide whether play is more important than studying and if repeating the second grade is really worth it! A cute scene for young girls!

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

New Release! Deena and the Dino Mights by David-Matthew Barnes

David-Matthew's new one-act play Deena and the Dino Mights is now available for purchase in 13 countries. This Kindle Unlimited title is available exclusively in eBook with a cover price of just .99¢.

About the Play: Fed up with her job as the host of a live-action children's show at Jurassic Park, Deena reaches her breaking point when her ex-boyfriend, Jeremiah, is hired to be her new co-host. Meanwhile, her co-stars, a classically trained actor and an eternal optimist, are reconsidering their career choices. This comedic short play features roles for 2 women and 2 men. This script contains adult language and subject matter.

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