Thursday, May 14, 2020

First Look: Baby in the Basement - The Short Film

I am excited to share a first look of the short film version of Baby in the Basement, directed by Dina Faye Gilmore and adapted from my short play. For more information about the stage version of Baby in the Basement, please visit Blue Dasher Press. The film is slated to be screened at film festivals around the world. More details soon!

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Vixen by David-Matthew Barnes Feature in New Anthology

I am pleased to announce that my short play Vixen by is featured in the new anthology PLAY Noir Anthology: A Collection of Film Noir Styled One-Act Plays edited by James Elden. For more information about Vixen, please visit Blue Dasher Press.

More about this collection: Film noir and theatre collide. PLAY Noir Anthology brings all seven seasons of PLAY Noir together in one book. Penned by playwrights from around the world, these 41 one-act plays encompass all facets of the noir genre from - classic noir to neo noir, drama and comedy as well as all the archetypal characters you expect in a collection of this magnitude, including - the hardboiled dick, the femme fatale and the ever elusive heavy. Chock full of twists and turns, PLAY Noir Anthology is a must have for any actor or director in search of fresh and challenging material to test their creative limits, and guarantees to delight and entertain audiences and readers alike.

You can get a copy of this new anthology here.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

New Release! Free Dry on Thursdays by David-Matthew Barnes


I am pleased to announce the publication of my short play Free Dry on Thursdays, available from Blue Dasher Press.

These two characters were first created for a screenplay I wrote years ago. This particular scene always stayed with me until I finally gave in and adapted it for the stage. Mary and Tameka fascinate me (both were inspired by women I've known and worked with), as they desire more than they have. They know they're capable of living different lives than their current ones. The racial dynamic in the piece (as well as the underlying theme of privilege) is never talked about (fully) in the script, but, much like in life, it's always there. 

Monday, April 13, 2020

New Release! Shimmer by David-Matthew Barnes


I'm pleased to announce the publication of my short play Shimmer, available from Blue Dasher Press

These two characters were born out of an entirely different project (a screenplay I wrote years ago). Yet, they stayed with me and insisted they deserved their own story. I started writing from the point of two people who deal with misconceptions about who they actually are (in this case a "pool boy" and a "suburban housewife".) Their connection and bond seemed apparent as I started to write the script. 

Friday, April 10, 2020

New Release! Clean by David-Matthew Barnes


I am pleased to announce the publication of my stage play Clean, available from Blue Dasher Press.

Clean has been a part of my life for more than 20 years. I wrote the first draft of the script while living in Chicago, shortly after I'd read an article about actress Rita Hayworth and her personal struggle with Alzheimer's. While the character of Victoria was inspired by Rita Hayworth (the play is dedicated to her), she is certainly a woman of her own. 

Clean was initially a one-act play (the first scene of this new, expanded version). I always knew and felt there was more story to tell, about Maria and Victoria's beautiful friendship and Victoria's complicated relationship with her daughter Melanie (who is only mentioned in the earlier version of the play but is a character on stage in this one). While working on this script over the last year, my heart broke many times while writing these women's words, knowing how many people and families are having similar conversations - famous or not.