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David-Matthew's poem ‘We’ve Got a Runner’ will be featured in this upcoming anthology from The Wild Word. The poem is also featured in his forthcoming poetry collection LOVE + DETOURS, out in 2018. Purchase details will be available soon!

Read David-Matthew's poem 'Signs' in an issue of the literary journal Vagabond City.

Read David-Matthew's poem 'The Departure' in an issue of The Literary Nest.

David-Matthew's award-winning poem 'Latin Freestyle' is featured in the 'ME, AT 17' poetry series, presented by Silver Birch Press.

'We've Got a Runner,' a new poem from David-Matthew, is featured in an issue of The Wild Word.

Read David-Matthew's poems 'I Know Why Marianne Did It' and 'The 12 on Tenth Street' in an issue of The Magnolia Review.

David-Matthew's poem 'Robbery in Progress' is featured in the Spring 2016 issue of Memoryhouse, published by the University of Chicago.

David-Matthew's poem 'Imaginary Cars' was selected for the series Learning to Drive, published by Silver Birch Press.

David-Matthew's poem 'Contaminated' (a response to the water crisis in Flint, Michigan) was featured in the Caravel Literary Arts Journal. The poem was also selected to appear in The People's Tribune.

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