Monday, November 20, 2023


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My name is David-Matthew Barnes. I'm a writer and film producer. I write in multiple genres, primarily young adult, romance, thriller, and horror. 

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Monday, July 17, 2023

I Am a Storyteller

I am a storyteller.

I have been a storyteller since I was 7. 

I published my first short story when I was 15. 

Since then I’ve written a total of 102 novels, short stories, screenplays, and stage plays and 157 poems. 

I have 42 projects currently planned over the next five years (half of these are already in development).

I have had some form of a day job since I was 13, most of which were full time positions for the last three decades. 

I have earned two college degrees, including a masters, both while working up to three jobs. 

I have also been an arts educator for 18 years. 

I do not make a living as a storyteller. 

I do not make enough money as a storyteller to support myself and my family. 

I am a storyteller. 

I am constantly struggling to find ways to fit storytelling into my schedule, my life, my day - sometimes only in 15 minute sessions/marathons. Sometimes late at night. And often early in the morning. 

The strikes that are happening right now in the entertainment industry are addressing the value that storytellers bring to our collective culture. 

I often wonder how much storytellers are valued. 

Is there still a place for us in this crowded, loud room where the books seem to keep disappearing? Or getting burned. 

Does anyone want stories anymore? 

The truth?

I am a storyteller. 

I can only shout so loud. 

For many of us, storytelling is not only the very thing we love most to do, it is also a gift bestowed upon us that compels us to use our imaginations to bring truth to light, give spoken words to characters you can relate to, and speak to the things that are difficult for most to say. 

I am a storyteller because I believe there is immense power in the written and spoken word. Because I want to tell the stories I needed to read and see when I was a young person. Because I believe art and culture are supposed to challenge us, change us, comfort us, and ultimately define us.

I am a storyteller.

David-Matthew Barnes

Friday, April 14, 2023

Update: April 14, 2023

The word of the week is busy. Not busy in a pretentious I'm so important way. But legitimately busy. While I don't mind bursts of busy, I'm ready for a breather. We have a few weekend getaways planned in the upcoming months and I can't wait. 

Lots happening in the creative part of my life. I'm serving as a producer on many upcoming films, including several horror movies and some international films. It's a strange but exciting new venture for me, as I never really thought of myself as a producer before. But this is a good fit for me, so I'm going with it. 

I'm also writing new poetry, working on a few screenplays, and line editing the new edition of my young adult novel Fifty Yards and Holding, which we're hoping to release this fall. 

My baseball-themed gay romance novel Pitchout will be released in paperback and eBook on June 6th. I can't wait to share this story with you. It was a lot of fun to write, including the many hours spent researching American minor league baseball. You can pre-order the novel here. 

I was recently a guest on The Jacked Up Review Show. You can listen to the interview here. 

I got to attend a sneak preview of the new movie Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves. It's a fantastic film. The cast is terrific. It's action-packed and hilarious. I highly recommend it. 

My musical artist of the week is Charlotte Cardin. I recently discovered her music and it's wonderful. She's a very talented songwriter. I am in awe of her lyrics. Check out the video for her song Meaningless

Until next time...

Onward and upward.

"Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to win it." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, February 22, 2023


The phone call came late at night. I answered, concerned. A friend of mine was reaching out about a stray cat who was in "pretty bad shape and really needs a home." I quizzed my friend for more details only to discover that the injured cat was female, Siamese, declawed, and scared. She’d been found almost unconscious, in someone’s backyard. Without hesitation I said, "Bring her to me." It wasn't until a week later that I met my new cat. She'd spent the last seven days being nursed back to stable health by a kind vet.  

Upon the moment we made eye contact, the connection was instant. Within a few minutes of being in her new home, she found her way into my arms and fell asleep for hours. The next morning, my friend called to check on her and asked, "What did you name her?"  

I looked down into her beautiful blue eyes and said impulsively, "Her name is Flower."  

"Flower?" my friend repeated. "That's a strange name for a cat."  

"No," I said. "It's perfect for her. She's a little damaged, but she's adorable. All she needs is a little love." 

Flower became very attached very quickly. She didn't want to leave my side. She wanted to be next to me constantly. I became worried that she was suffering separation anxiety when we were apart. I took Flower to my vet for a checkup and to get some advice. There, the vet shared with me just how bad Flower had been treated. She had burn scars on all four paws, her tail had been broken twice, and some of her teeth had been knocked out. I was overwhelmed with emotion, angered by the cruelty my sweet cat had endured but sad that, most likely, Flower had not yet known the love of a human.  

"This is why she's so attached to you," the vet explained. "Many Siamese bond with one human in their lifetime and for them, the bond is quite intense. Given that you rescued her and are taking care of her, she might be afraid of losing you." The vet gave me some techniques to try and lessen Flower's anxiety, most of which worked over time. 

Before Flower and I found each other, I had allowed my life to become pretty hectic, putting work above everything else and never really taking the time to stop long enough to enjoy the world around me. It seemed impossible for me to be present in the moment. Yet, I soon found myself anxious to get home and sit with Flower on the sofa. No longer was busyness appealing. I wanted to spend time with my cat who wanted to spend time with me.  

Thinking about the horrible experiences Flower went through before she was mine and her renewed willingness to trust and love, I couldn’t help but be impressed and inspired by her resilience for life. A survivor in the truest sense of the word, I wondered if Flower had somehow forgiven those who caused her so much pain.  

I soon realized how affectionate Flower was. She loved to cuddle, rub noses, and insisted on being kissed on the top of her head, whenever the need struck her. I discovered what food and treats she preferred, what toys she loved, and the quirky traits that made her unique. In other words, Flower and I became best friends.  

Now, a year later, Flower has taught me the importance of slowing down and taking the time to enjoy every moment. No longer am I rushing from place to place, completing endless tasks, or speed walking through life. Instead, I’m enjoying quiet moments with my beautiful Siamese Flower, who has taught me the importance of stillness and love. 

David-Matthew Barnes

Update: Sadly, Flower passed away on January 28, 2022. She is greatly missed.

This essay originally appeared in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Life Lessons from the Cat: 101 Tales of Family, Friendship and Fun (Simon & Schuster, May 14, 2019; edited by Amy Newmark)

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Update: February 15, 2023

This might sound like a strange topic (especially since I’m writing and posting this on Valentine’s Day), but let’s talk about rejection. As a writer, my work is rejected constantly. In fact, this week I received four rejections in forty-five minutes. I’ve become so accustomed to my work being rejected that I no longer call it rejection. Instead, I call it selection. Sometimes my work is selected and other times it’s not. It’s all very subjective. It’s all about the person who is reading and selecting my work. What I know to be true is this: my work is not for everyone. And that’s okay. I’m sharing this because the focus is often on the successes. While I love celebrating those with you, it’s fair to say there were and are many rejections - I mean, selections - in between. And I learn from both. About myself and who I am (and want to be) as a writer. They’re both good for the soul. 

Today, my young adult supernatural romance novel Wonder Land is being set free into the world, where I hope it finds many readers who love this story as much as I loved writing it. I hope you get a chance to read it or share the book with a young reader in your life. Many years of hard work went into writing it. 

I’ve been fighting off a cold, so I’ve had more downtime than usual. Because of this I got to watch many wonderful films this week including the mind-blowing Everything Everywhere All at Once, the creepy horror film Ma starring the always-brilliant Octavia Spencer, the Disney classic Sleeping Beauty, the classic comedy The Palm Beach Story starring Claudette Colbert (one of my favorite actresses), the quirky and funny Cate Blanchett film Where’d You Go, Bernadette?, and I re-watched one of my childhood favorites, Superman, starring Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder. 

My music artist of the week is Jane Jensen. I first discovered Jane’s music when I was the host of a college radio show in Chicago. Her debut album Comic Book Whore had just been released and I fell in love with it (and her) on my first listen. Her second album, Burner, features one of my all-time favorite tunes called Fast Girl U.S.A.  It’s an awesome track. I’ve always dreamed of directing a music video for it. It’s a very cinematic song. I hope you get a chance to check out Jane’s fantastic music. 

Until next week…

Onward and upward. 

“I spin worlds where we could be together. I dream you. For me, imagination and desire are very close.”
- Jeanette Winterson

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Update: February 8, 2023

I don’t know if anyone else goes through this, but lately all I want to do is read. It doesn’t help that I’m currently reading three novels and they’re all fantastic. When I was a child, reading was my favorite thing to do. Now, it’s a challenge to find enough reading time. 

This week I was reminded of the brilliance of Bette Davis. I re-watched the film Now, Voyager and she’s fantastic in it. Years ago I took a college class about women in film and my professor introduced to me this film and I’ve been obsessed with Bette Davis ever since. 

This week I also watched the 90th Anniversary edition of the film Rain, starring Joan Crawford. It’s an early performance in her career but terrific all the same. I can’t imagine making a film and 90 years later people are still watching it. That’s power. 

Speaking of, there’s a wonderful scene in the 80’s classic film Reckless starring Aidan Quinn and Daryl Hannah that makes my soul smile every time I see it. It’s a scene at a high school dance in which Aidan Quinn’s character takes over the awful music being played and replaces it with Romeo Void’s ‘Never Say Never.’ I remember seeing this film when I was in the eighth grade and that moment and that song have stayed with me ever since. 

I also watched the underrated and often overlooked Disney classic The Black Cauldron, the Sally Field ghost comedy Kiss Me Goodbye, and The Ring - a now iconic horror film that should’ve won every award possible, but because it’s a horror film, it didn’t. 

On the horror film note, I’m happy to tell you I’m one of the producers of the upcoming film Wolf Hollow. I hope you get a chance to check out the official trailer for the movie. It’s good stuff. 

I’ve also just finished a new feature length version of my horror script Baby Cindy. This project was originally a short film but I’m happy to say I went back to the project and built upon the original concept and the finished result is a terrifying story I’m very proud of.  

My music artist of the week is American jazz singer Blossom Dearie who died on February 7 in 2009. Her distinctive voice is unforgettable. Her version of Manhattan is one of my favorite songs. 

There were many wonderful moments this week including German class, podcast interviews, and lunch at a restaurant on the Sacramento River with wonderful friends. 

Until next week…

Onward and upward. 

“Yes: I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.”

Oscar Wilde

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Update: February 1, 2023

I’ve been sharing these weekly updates for a month now and the response to them has been very positive and encouraging. I’m glad you’re enjoying them! 

I’m very blessed to have a wonderful mother-in-law. Her name is Connie. This week we got to spoil her with a two-day birthday celebration. Happy birthday, Miss Connie!

What an incredible week I had as a writer. I sold the film rights to my script Don’t Say Bad Things About Me to a wonderful producer at Golden Horizon Pictures who found me through InkTip. The film goes into production this year. This will be my seventh produced screenplay. More details soon!

This week I also became an executive producer of the upcoming horror film New Fears Eve starring horror icon Felissa Rose. The film is being produced by Blood Moon Pictures. I’ll definitely keep you updated on this project. 

As of this morning, I’ve also signed on to serve as a producer on five other horror film projects. More about those movies in the next couple of weeks. 

Speaking of movies! Every week I share with you the films I watch. I do so in case you’re looking for new and classic films to add to your watchlist. This week I re-watched a beautiful film called Tumbleweeds. It’s an indie film from 1999. If you missed it,  I highly recommend it. I also watched the sci-fi classic The Angry Red Planet, the Judy Garland and Gene Kelly war-themed musical For Me and My Gal, the Claudette Colbert and Clark Gable classic It Happened One Night, the film noir Murder, My Sweet, and the Disney classic Bedknobs and Broomsticks - a film I’ve loved since I was a child.

Speaking of Disney! I finished the second season of Secrets of Sulphur Springs. This is a fun time traveling show on Disney Plus. 

I’m constantly studying my craft as a writer. This week, I started a new television writing workshop with the team at Save the Cat. It’s a three week course. I’m already learning a lot!

My music artist of the week is Danielle Ponder. Her debut album is called Some of Us Are Brave and its a masterpiece. I can’t recommend it enough. 

Until next week…

Onward and upward. 

“Writing is a job, a talent, but it’s also the place to go in your head. It is the imaginary friend you drink your tea with in the afternoon.”
Ann Patchett