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  • Each of these scripts are available for purchase for a flat fee. Price can be negotiated.
  • Requested on-screen and IMDb credit: Screenplay by David-Matthew Barnes
  • All rights are available. 
  • All scripts are WGA registered. 
  • Please use the contact form for professional inquiries, including requests for reading copies of scripts.
Genres: Drama
Themes: Grief, Death, Father/Son, Breaking Up, Relationships, Road Trip, Infidelity 
Logline: After his estranged father dies as a result of a drug addiction, Cooper is determined to carry out his father’s final wishes by embarking on a road trip to Omaha. Along for the ride is Shelley, who is aware that Cooper has been unfaithful and plans to end their relationship before they get home.
Estimated Budget: Low; under 10K
Script Fee: 500 USD 
Adaptation: Yes; adapted from one-act play
Page Count: 10
Main Cast: COOPER, male, 31, lives in a permanent state of longing; SHELLEY, female, 27, always wants to say and do the right thing
Supporting Cast: None
Interior Locations: Apartment, Car, Motel Room    
Exterior Locations: Side of Road (Highway)
2023: The Short List - Pilots and Shorts, Barnstorm Fest
2023: Official Selection, The Red List, Coverfly, Top Dram Shorts
2022: Finalist, Film Crash Screenplay Competition, Short Film Screenplay
2022: Semi-Finalist, San Diego Shorts, Best Unproduced Script
2022: Official Selection, Shiny Sparkle Independent Online Film Festival, Short Script
2022: Official Selection, Skiptown Playhouse International Film Festival
Genres: Horror, Comedy, Romance
Themes: Haunted House, Ghost, Gay Romance, College
Logline: While spending the night together in a haunted house, two young men find themselves surrounded by paranormal activity and ghosts who seem determined to prevent them from seeing the face of dawn.
Estimated Budget: Low; under 10K (some special effects needed)
Script Fee: 500 USD 
Adaptation: Yes; adapted from short story 
Page Count: 11
Main Cast: ANDREW, male, 20, quirky adorkable college student; CHARLES, male, 20, smart and sexy, described as "a modern-day Clark Kent"
Supporting Cast: MARYLAND, female, 20, the queen bee, a mean girl
Interior Locations: Haunted House   
Exterior Locations: College Campus
2022: Winner, New Wave Short Film Festival (Munich), Best Script
2022: Special Mention, Adbhooture Film Festival (India), Best Horror Screenplay
2022: Quarterfinalist, 80 Screams International Film Festival. Screenwriting
2022: Official Selection, Queer Global Arts Fest
2021: Semi-Finalist, Chicago Horror Film Festival, Short Screenplay
2021: Official Selection, Hollywood Horrorfest, Screenplay Short Film
2021: Finalist, Oregon Screams Horror Film Festival, Horror Comedy Short
2021: Finalist, Crimson Screen Horror Film Fest, Short Screenplay
2021: Finalist, Tokyo International Short Film Festival, Best Script
Genres: Horror
Themes: Death, Immorality, The Grim Reaper, Nightmare, Sin
Logline: At a remote wedding, two people meet a seductive stranger unaware that he's really a messenger of death.
Estimated Budget: Low; under 10K (some special effects needed; a carousel)
Script Fee: 500 USD 
Adaptation: No; original script
Page Count: 10
Main Cast: MARY, female, mid-30's, a recovering alcoholic who killed a mother and child with her car; THANATOS, male, 30's, Greek, very attractive, the human form of death; ANTOINE, male, 40's, a predator, on probation for a sex crime, a creepy man
Supporting Cast: None
Interior Locations: Church, Reception Hall, A Meeting Room
Exterior Locations: Church, Reception Hall, Forest/Woods, Carousel
2024: Winner, Bloody Hats Film Festival, Best Short Script
2024: Honorable Mention, Frights! Camera! Action! Horror Screenplay Contest, Short Screenplay
2024: Nominee, Scream Queen Film Festival, Best Screenplay
2024: Nominee, Venice Shorts, Best Screenplay (Unproduced)
2024: Official Selection, Film Basement Horror Film Awards, Best of the Fest - Short Screenplay
2024: Official Selection, Tokyo International Short Film Festival, Best Short Script

Genres: Drama
Themes: Marriage, Infidelity, Religion, Death, Choices, Decisions
Logline: Known for always doing the right thing, Camille Dawson must make an important decision when she's told that her husband has been killed in a car accident but his passenger survived the crash.
Estimated Budget: Low; under 5K
Script Fee: 500 USD 
Adaptation: No; original script
Page Count: 4
Main Cast: CAMILLE DAWSON, female, 30's, reaching her breaking point; FATHER BRUCE CROMWELL, male, 30's, has good intentions; DR. IRIS MCKENNA, female, 40's, the bearer of bad news
Supporting Cast: None
Interior Locations: Hospital Waiting Room, Elevator
Exterior Locations: None
2022: Second Place, Filmocracy Scriptwriter Showdown, Drama Genre Edition
2022: Semi-Finalist, San Diego Shorts, Best Unproduced Script
2022: Quarterfinalist, Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition 
2022: Quarterfinalist, WeScreenplay Shorts Contest

Genres: Drama, Dark Comedy
Themes: Ava Gardner, Escaping from Reality, Obsession, Denial, Classic Movies
Logline: It’s 1967. Sharon Parker has just fled her life in America for a getaway to Madrid, Spain. Hoping to come to terms with a broken heart, Sharon is captivated by the still lingering legacy of film star Ava Gardner. In a hotel lobby, she meets a few fellow lost souls.
Estimated Budget: Low; under 10K
Script Fee: 500 USD 
Adaptation: Yes; adapted from one-act play
Page Count: 12
Main Cast: SHARON PARKER, female, early 20's, an America who has run away to Spain; obsessed with Ava Gardner
Supporting Cast: GILBERT, male, 20'S, a sassy British poet; EVANGELINE, female, 50's, French, flamboyant, sultry; WILFREDO, male, 50's, the distinguished hotel concierge who knows everyone's dark secrets; PIANO PLAYER, non-speaking role 
Interior Locations: Hotel Lobby (the film is set in Madrid)
Exterior Locations: Cine DorĂ© (cinema in Madrid) 
2022: Winner, Luis Bunuel Memorial Awards, Short Script
2022: Winner, 8&HalFilm Awards (Italy), Best Script
2022: Winner, New York Tri-State Film Festival, Best Script
2022: Finalist, London Film & Television Festival, Best Short Script
2022: Official Selection, short-filmz, Short Film Screenplay
2022: Official Selection, Madrid International Film Festival, Short Screenwriting
2022: Honorable Mention, Night of Comedy Shorts (Italy), Short Screenplay

Genres: Drama, Teen, African-American
Themes: Urban Life, Death, Murder, Justice, Coming of Age, Grief
Logline: After the homicide of her older brother, sixteen-year-old Cha’Relle is determined to keep his memory alive by creating a mural in his honor on a brick wall in their neighborhood, despite the possibility of being caught and charged with a crime.
Estimated Budget: Low; under 5K
Script Fee: 500 USD 
Adaptation: Yes; adapted from one-act play
Page Count: 10
Main Cast: CHA'RELLE, female, 16, African-American, coping with the homicide of her older brother; JO LEE, female, 17, clinging to slivers of hope
Supporting Cast: POLICE OFFICER, male, 30's non-speaking role 
Interior Locations: None
Exterior Locations: City Street, Rooftop Garden
2022: Winner, Hamburg Film Awards (Germany), Best Short Script
2022: Finalist, Shiny Sparkle Independent Online Film Festival, Short Script
2022: Honorable Mention, Art Film Awards (Macedonia), Short Script
2021: Winner, Oz Indie Film Festival (Australia), Best Short Screenplay
2021: Official Selection, Pasadena International Film Festival, Short Screenplay
2021: Semi-Finalist, Prix Royal Paris Screenplay Awards, Short Script
2021: Finalist, Hollywood Gold Awards, Short Script
2021: Honorable Mention, New York Movie Awards, Short Script
2021: Official Selection, Chicago Indie Film Awards, Best Unproduced Script
2021: Winner, Best Script Award (London), Best Super Short Script
2017: Winner, Changing Faces International Film Festival (Sydney), Best Screenplay Short
2017: Winner, Los Angeles Film Awards, Best Screenplay Short
2017: Winner, Universe Multicultural Film Festival (Los Angeles), Best Short Screenplay

Genres: Horror, Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic
Themes: Death, Immorality, Purgatory, End-of-the-World, Abandoned Places
Logline: When three unsavory people wake up in an abandoned hotel, they realize the world has ended for everyone except them.
Estimated Budget: Medium; 25K - 50K (some special effects/CGI needed)
Script Fee: 500 USD 
Adaptation: No; original script
Page Count: 9
Main Cast: DERRICK GAGE, male, 30's, very attractive, very rich, very powerful; STEPHANIE KLAY, female, 40's, very attractive, sardonic, egotistical; CARLOS MARROQUIN, male, 50's, a former pop star who is clinging to his faded youth and diminished fame
Supporting Cast: HOTEL SECURITY GUARDS (2), HOTEL CLERK, BOY TOY, male, early 20's, attractive; the object of Carlos' affections
Interior Locations: Hotel Lobby, Hotel Rooms, Abandoned Hotel Lobby, Abandoned Hotel Rooms
Exterior Locations: Hotel Pool, Hotel Parking Lot (Post-Apocalyptic)
2024: Semi-Finalist, LA International Script Competition, Short Film Script (Sci-Fi/Fantasy)
2024: Current Nominee, Tuesday of Horror (Germany), Horror Short Script
2024: Nominee, Hong Kong International Cineverse Screenplay Awards, Best Short Script

  • Each of these scripts are available for a 1-year option. Price can be negotiated.
  • Requested on-screen and IMDb credits: Created and Written by David-Matthew Barnes
  • Rights are negotiable. 
  • All scripts are WGA registered. 
  • Please use the contact form for professional inquiries, including requests for reading copies of scripts.

Genres: Romantic Comedy
Themes: Dating, Single Life, Single Woman, Relationships, Friendship
Logline: On the night of her 30th birthday, Tina Duncan is dumped by her musician boyfriend and left with nothing. When her best friend dares her to accept every date she’s asked out on for the next year, Tina accepts the challenge only to confirm her theory that the perfect man no longer exists.
Estimated Budget: Low: 100K 
1-Year Option Fee: 1200 USD 
Adaptation: Yes; adapted from the novel
Page Count: 25
Main Cast: TINA DUNCAN, female, 30, our very flawed, very single heroine; she is learning as she goes
Supporting Cast: DARLA MARONI, female, 30, Tina's very gregarious, very Italian best friend; DIANE CROSS, female, 30's, Tina's uptight and uppity boss; MARY DESDEMONA DUNCAN, female, 60's, Tina's flamboyant mother who is obsessed with a soap opera and works as card dealer at a casino
Interior Locations: Apartment, Restaurant, Department Store
Exterior Locations: Chicago
2017: Finalist, New York Short Film and Screenplay Competition, Best Teleplay
2017: Official Selection, Atlanta Comedy Film Festival, Best Comedy Television Episode
2016: Finalist, The Hollywood Screenplay Contest, Television Sitcom
2015: Semi-Finalist, FilmMakers TV Writing Competition (Los Angeles)

Genres: Sci-Fi, Adventure, Fantasy
Themes: Grandmothers, Aliens, Alien World, Decisions, Choices, Coming-of-Age, Middle School
Logline: A middle school student inherits a collection of teacups from her movie-star grandmother, only to discover the designs on the teacups contain hidden messages leading to a secret underground world inhabited by alien life.
Estimated Budget: Medium: 250K (special effects/CGI are needed)
1-Year Option Fee: 1200 USD 
Adaptation: No, original script
Page Count: 55
Main Cast: GEMMA TAYS, female, 12, our plucky heroine; CAROLINE PROPSERO, female, 12, Gemma's super smart Spanish best friend; ZANE EDGERTON, male, 13, a young warrior in training, a protector; WINSLOW KEENE, male, 11, searching for a place to belong and a family to love him
Supporting Cast: HELENE, female, the Ruler of the Tanmerian people, she is part human and part amphibian; BLUEBELL RAINES, female, late 20s, a devoted housekeeper and a kind soul; MELODY ROBBINS, female, 30's, has good intentions, Gemma's future stepmother; TIMOTHY TAYS, male, 30's, a concerned father, a seeker of truth
Interior Locations: Mansion, Middle Class Home, Middle School, Underground Alien World
Exterior Locations: Residential Suburban Neighborhood, Large Backyard/Garden

Genres: Thriller, Mystery
Themes: Bipolar Disorder, Mothers, Mother/Daughter, Sisters, Secret Identity, Secret Life, Coming-of-Age
Logline: Two teen sisters suspect their mother's reported death never happened and that she's leading a secret life. 
Estimated Budget: Low: 100K
1-Year Option Fee: 1200 USD 
Adaptation: No, original script
Page Count: 50
Main Cast: LEXI FLECKER, female, 13, awkward but charming; GENEVIEVE FLECKER, female, 16, Lexi's older sister who longs to be an opera star; AUDREY FLECKER, female, late 30's, a woman suffering in silence, a woman of mystery, Lexi and Genevieve's mother; SEBASTIAN GELBART, male, 30's, a detective with a big heart; 
Supporting Cast: NOLAN VELEZ, male, late 20s, a guidance counselor with good intentions; MARIE FREDENBURG, female, 13, Lexi's boy crazy and self-obsessed best friend; ANGELO IMPERIO, male, 13, Lexi's neighbor and future boyfriend; SISTER KARA DAMUTH, female, late 20's, a nun who lives next door to Lexi, a woman with a violent past; VALERIE IMPERIO, female, 30's; a police officer, a neighbor, Angelo's mother
Interior Locations: Middle School (Classrooms, Offices), Middle Class Houses (Kitchens, Bedrooms, Living Rooms), Pizzeria, A Tool Shed, Car
Exterior Locations: Residential Suburban Neighborhood, A Carnival, A Lake House, Middle School
2022: Quarterfinalist, Final Draft's Big Break Screenwriting Contest, Diversity/Television

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