Tuesday, December 20, 2022

2022: A Transformative Year

This was a transformative year; a time of many changes. From leaving Denver after living there for a decade to (re)starting a new life (and job) in Sacramento to reconnecting with lifelong friends and a beautiful family. Days often felt like they were flying by at full throttle, a beautiful momentum leading to a much needed metamorphosis: I feel alive again. I’m leaving so much behind as the new year begins. And I’m embracing all the new, the larger than life moments yet to unfold. There are many new memories to be made. Today and everyday, I am filled with immense gratitude. A heartfelt thank you to the readers, the podcast hosts, the publishers, the reviewers, the librarians, and the booksellers who helped me have a record year as an author. To the actors, directors, producers, and college and community theaters who brought my words to many stages. To my fantastic church family for providing a safe space for all and for helping me keep the faith. To my extraordinary husband and best friend, Edward, for being my beautiful partner in all things. To the haters for making me work harder despite the spite. And to my ride or dies (they know who they are) for keeping it real and (always) having my back. You all made this year what it was. There is so much waiting in the wings right now - projects and chances and sweet opportunities that already promise to make 2023 an extraordinary year. I can’t wait to be present each and every day in this exciting next journey. Thank you for being a part of my level up before it begins (I’m ready; I’ve been ready even when I didn’t feel worthy). It’s time - and that’s all we really have (even if it’s an illusion). Onward and upward. Grateful and blessed, always. Breathe.

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