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Genre: Romantic Comedy, 30 minutes
Pilot Script Available: Yes
Synopsis: On the night of her 30th birthday, Tina Duncan is dumped by her musician boyfriend and left with nothing. When her best friend dares her to accept every date she’s asked out on for the next year, Tina accepts the challenge only to confirm her theory that the perfect man no longer exists. Tina’s life soon becomes one terrible date after another until she accidentally meets Oliver, a beautiful stranger who arrives at her front door to return her purse he’s found in a cab. Before realizing Oliver might be the man to prove her theory wrong – and is indeed the perfect man for her – he slips away and disappears. Convinced she’s lost her one shot at true love, Tina embarks on a city-wide search for a man she hardly knows, but is quickly falling in love with. Adapted from the best selling novel.
Finalist, 2017 New York Short Film and Screenplay Competition
Finalist, 2017 Hollywood Screenplay Contest
Official Selection, 2017 Atlanta Comedy Film Festival, Television Episode Screenplays

Genre: Women's Historical Drama, 60 minutes
Pilot Script Available: Yes
Synopsis: Set against the turbulent backdrop of World War II, four women train to become Women Airforce Service Pilots.

Sky Lines
Genre: Women's Historical Drama, 60 Minutes
Pilot Script Available: Yes
Synopsis: This heartfelt television series explores the lives of Venita, Maggie, and Sarah who live in a rundown apartment building in an unnamed American city. Venita is a young black woman who has been ostracized from her family for marrying a white man named George. Maggie endures a loveless marriage and within ten years gives birth to five children. Sarah desires a life of picture-perfect glamour and excitement and has married her high school sweetheart Jimmy. After a few brushes with reality, Sarah becomes dismayed with her predictable life and slips into a crippling depression. Over the course of 34 years, Venita, Maggie, and Sarah confront social and political issues as they fight to assert their identity and protect their friendship. Adapted from the award-winning stage play.

Tidal Waves
Genre: Drama, 60 Minutes
Pilot Script Available: Yes
Synopsis: Twelfth grade English teacher Danielle Richardson has a problem conforming to the rules dictated to her by an overbearing, conservative school board. She wants more for her students: better classroom conditions, an inclusive curriculum, and for equal attention to be given to all students. As a consequence for speaking out, Danielle is transferred to a new school, where she becomes teacher and mentor to a group of LGBTQ students that her colleagues have deemed "lost causes."

Genre: Drama, 60 Minutes
Pilot Script Available: Yes
Synopsis: After the death of his best friend, recent military vet Jimmy Boyd struggles with his sexuality and sorrow while traveling across the country with a carnival.

Wishing on Mister Moon
Genre: Comedy, 30 Minutes
Pilot Script Available: Yes
Synopsis: In this family comedy, a social worker named Alan Moon convinces his husband-to-be they should adopt two foster children, unaware their lives will completely change forever.

David-Matthew writes horror movies and thrillers under Declan Mayfair.
David-Matthew writes gay romance novels under Dylan Madrid.
David-Matthew writes contemporary romance novels under Wren Valentino.


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