Unless otherwise notes, all rights for these scripts are available. 
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Please address inquiries to literary manager Julie Parker Gorman.


Baby Cindy
Genre: Horror, 20 minutes
Script Available: Yes
Synopsis: What you can't see will kill you. When college student Natalie agrees to babysit six-year-old Tina, she quickly realizes the little girl's imaginary friend is a vengeful force hell-bent on trapping her inside the house forever. 
Winner, 2017 New York Film Awards, Best Short Screenplay
Winner, 2017 NYC Indie Film Awards, Best Short Film Screenplay
Winner, 2017 L.A. Shorts Awards, Best Short Film Script
Finalist, 2017 Eerie Horror Film Festival, Best Short Screenplay
Finalist, 2017 NYC Horror Film Festival, Best Unproduced Short
Finalist, 2017 Fear NYC, Best Unproduced Screenplay
Finalist, 2017 Filmmatic Screenplay Awards, Short Works
Finalist, 2017 Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival, Best Screenplay Short
Finalist, 2017 South Carolina Underground Film Festival, Screenplay Competition
Nominee, 2017 Independent Horror Movie Awards, Best Short Script
Runner Up, 2017 Upstate NY Horror Film Festival, Best Short Script
Semi Finalist/Top 5, The 2017 Film Empire's Scrypt to Screen Horror Contest
Semi Finalist, 2017 Shiver International Film Festival, Best Short Script
Semi Finalist, 2017 Los Angeles CineFest, Best Short Screenplay
Honorable Mention, 2017 Los Angeles Film Awards, Best Short Screenplay
Official Selection, 2017 Diabolical Horror Film Festival, Best Short Script

Baby in the Basement
Genre: Drama, 20 minutes
Script Available: Yes
Synopsis: In this gritty and urban drama, two homeless teenagers meet while seeking refuge in an abandoned building. What begins as a friendship sadly evolves into a mutual suicide pact. The screenplay is adapted from the widely-produced one-act play, which was an official selection for the NYC 15-Minute Play Festival.
Winner, 2017 European Independent Film Awards, Best Short Film Script
Winner, 2017 Mindfield Film Festival Albuquerque, Best Short Film Script
Finalist, 2017 Paris Play Film Festival, Best Short Script

Genre: Drama, 15 minutes
Script Available: No (under option by Kupenda Films + Revolver Amsterdam; in production)
Synopsis: Unable to attend their high school dance together, Austin and Harley decide to skip Homecoming and seek refuge in an abandoned boxcar. There, they dream of escaping the ultra conservative small town they live in, hoping to discover a place where they can exist and love without fear.
Winner, 2017 New Renaissance Film Festival (Amsterdam), Best Short Screenplay
Winner, 2017 Play Film Festival (Paris), Best Short Script
Winner, 2017 Sunday Shorts Film Festival (London), Script Competition
Winner, 2017 TeaDance Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (Greenville, North Carolina), Short Screenplay
Winner, 2017 LA Shorts Awards, Best Short Film Script
Current Finalist, 2017 Film Daily Screenwriting Contest, Drama Short Script
Finalist, 2017 Rome International Cinefest, Screenwriting Contest
Finalist, 2017 Los Angeles Television, Script and Film Festival, Screenplay Competition
Finalist, 2017 StoryMode Independent Short Film Awards (Pueblo, Colorado), Best Short Script
Finalist, 2017 Queer Hippo International LGBT Film Festival (Houston), Screenwriting Competition
Semi-Finalist, 2015 Shore Scripts Screenwriting Competition (London), Short Film Screenplay

Genre: Drama, 15 minutes
Script Available: No (under option by Flickers Studios; produced)
Synopsis: Now in their fifties, childhood friends Judy and Olivia decide to return to Amelia Island, Florida, where they once visited on family vacations during their early teen years. Reminded of lost loves, choices made, and the fading of their youth, Judy and Olivia reaffirm their friendship, share tender memories, and admit regrets. Adapted from the one-act play, winner of the Carrie McCray Literary Award for Best Stage Play.
Winner, 2017 Rendezvous Film Festival (Amelia Island, Florida), Shorts Screenplay

Number 76
Genre: Drama, 15 minutes
Script Available: Yes
Synopsis: At a bus stop on a street in Chicago, a young couple in high school emotionally confront his ties to an urban street life and her impending thoughts of suicide. The script was an official selection for the Mid-America Dramatists Lab.
Finalist, Windy City Film Festival (Chicago), Best Short Screenplay

The Snack Queens
Genre: Comedy, 15 Minutes
Script Available: Yes
Synopsis: In this comedic short script, a group of rival suburban soccer moms take their sideline snacks way too seriously.

Genre: Drama, 15 minutes
Script Available: Yes
Synopsis: After the homicide of her older brother, sixteen-year-old Cha’Relle is determined to keep his memory alive by creating a mural in his honor on a brick wall in their neighborhood, despite the possibility of being caught and charged with a crime. Knowing a white police officer is sitting in a bakery across the street and watching their every move, classmate Jo Lee is determined to convince Cha’Relle not to paint. Fully aware of the consequences, Cha'Relle contemplates facing the challenge head on.
Winner, 2017 Changing Faces International Film Festival (Sydney), Best Screenplay Short
Winner, 2017 Los Angeles Film Awards, Best Screenplay Short
Winner, 2017 Universe Multicultural Film Festival (Los Angeles), Best Short Screenplay


Made From Scratch
Genre: Women's Drama, 100 minutes
Script Available: Yes
Synopsis: When the lives of four women merge, each experiences a life-changing moment of truth. Longing for her former wild days as a party-hopping powerful executive, Claudia Veramonte secretly strategizes her escape from her dull life as a suburban housewife. Refusing to rely on welfare, Tameka Walker struggles with working two jobs, attending night school, and raising her nine-year-old-son. When summoned home by her estranged mother, Victoria Alvarado realizes what's missing in her life is love: a realization prompted by the sudden admission by a female colleague that Victoria is the not-so-secret object of her desires. After Sahara Mobley accepts a proposal from a man she's only known for three months in order to escape her overly dependent mother, Sahara quickly realizes her marriage is a mistake. Made from Scratch is about the importance of sisterhood and the strength of friendships that you sometimes need, just to survive.
Grand Prize Jury Winner, 2017 Film Invasion L.A., Best Screenplay
Finalist, 2017 Colorado International Film Festival, Feature Screenplay Competition
Official Selection, 2017 Hollywood Film Competition, Best Script

Genre: Thriller, 90 minutes
Script Available: Yes
Synopsis: High school student Lexi Rivers is terrified when she discovers threatening messages left for her everywhere she goes. Determined to uncover the identity of her stalker, Lexi turns the tables and begins leaving messages of her own.

Scare Me, Kill Me
Genre: Horror, 90 minutes
Script Available: Yes
Synopsis: Do you wanna play? Winner kills all. At a desolate boarding school five teenagers are stalked and killed as they play a terrifying game called Scare Me, Kill Me.
Quarter Finalist, 2017 Shriekfest Horror Film Festival, Best Screenplay

The Trespassers 
Genre: Horror, 90 minutes
Script Available: Yes
Synopsis: A greedy real estate agent convinces her future step-daughter to enlist the help of four friends in renovating an old, abandoned plantation where they are hunted and terrorized by a mutant creature.

Under the Cellar Door 
Genre: Horror, 90 minutes
Script Available: Yes
Synopsis: High school student Vicki Jenkins discovers she's inherited a terrifying family legacy.

Genre: Drama, 100 Minutes
Pilot Script Available: Yes
Synopsis: After the death of his best friend, recent military vet Jimmy Boyd struggles with his sexuality and sorrow while traveling across the country with a carnival.

David-Matthew writes contemporary romance novels, mysteries, and thrillers under Wren Valentino.


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