Friday, August 18, 2017

Script of the Week: Are You All Right in There? by David-Matthew Barnes

A month before graduation, in the middle of a wild party, a frustrated high school student named Gina locks herself in the bathroom. She's finally fed up with all the hypocrisies and surface relationships of adolescence, from her outrageously unfaithful boyfriend to her compulsively promiscuous best friend. With biting humor, Gina revisits her past, sizes it up with newfound maturity, and leaves it behind for a brighter future.

This short comedic play by David-Matthew Barnes features roles for 2 women and 1 man. All three characters are in high school. This script contains mature subject matter.

Available exclusively from Playscripts.

Read about the history of Are You All Right in There?

"This show is fresh, contemporary and aimed at today's generation!"
The Auburn Extra

"Are You All Right In There? takes a look into a high schooler's mind and exposes her inner thoughts...a character existing in a world of stereotypical friends, she's the only one who's got a grip on reality..."
The American River Current

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