Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Twenty-Five Gets a Release Date!

Happy to announce my collection of plays, Twenty-Five, will be available from Pinwheel Plays on April 10th.

Here are the plays featured in the collection:

1. Baby in the Basement (1f; 1m; drama; teen)
2. Boxcar (2m; teen; drama; LGBT)
3. The Clutch (1f; 1m; seriocomic)
4. Deena and the Dino Mights (2f; 2m; parody/comedy)
5. Defenseless (2m; teen; drama; LGBT; Latino)
6. Hour Glass (1f; 1m; drama)
7. I Ate Lunch Alone Today (2f; 2m; drama)
8. It's a Pleasure to Be Sad (1f; 1m; drama)
9. Johnny Ramirez Really Wants to Kiss Me (2m; seriocomic; teen; LGBT; award-winning; Latino)
10. Just Before the Drop (1f; 1m; drama; LGBT)
11. Last Dance (2m; teen; seriocomic; LGBT)
12. Let's Not Confuse the Situation (1f; 1m; seriocomic)
13. No Boys Allowed (4f; teen; drama; multicultural)
14. Number 76 (1f; 1m; teen; drama; Latino)
15. Punch Bowl (2f; 1m; teen; comedy)
16. Relocations (2f; seriocomic; LGBT)
17. A Rum Cake for Rita (2f; drama; African-American)
18. The Seventh of August (1f; 1m; seriocomic)
19. The Snack Queens (5f; comedy) - New!
20. Stay (4f; 2m; teen; seriocomic; Southern)
21. Tagged (2f; teen; drama; African-American) - New!
22. Taking Off (2f; seriocomic)
23. That Bitch Brenda Stole My Lip Gloss (and I Want it Back) (2f; seriocomic; teen; LGBT)
24. Threnody (1f; 1m; drama; award-winning)
25. Trixie's Last Date with the Boogey Man (2f; 1m; comedy)

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