Friday, October 28, 2016

New Release! Somebody's Baby

I am pleased to announce the publication of my stage play Somebody's Baby, available from Pinwheel Plays.

Winner of the Elly Award for Best Original Script. This riveting teen drama takes place on a rainy Friday night in Chicago in 1997. Escaping a near date-rape situation, sixteen-year-old Tabitha stumbles into a coffee shop where she meets William, a young man who is dying of AIDS and has been abandoned by all of those he has known and loved. As a result of their chance meeting, Tabitha and William question their beliefs in God, themselves, and the world around them. Both young lives are deeply affected by a waitress named Milvia, who has a story and a dream of her own. Somebody's Baby is a powerful drama for young actors that explores a very important subject. The world premiere of this play received three Elly Award nominations from the Sacramento Regional Theatre Alliance. It has since been performed across the country.

Read an excerpt from the script.

Available in Kindle edition and eBook.

Chad Stalzer and Melita Ann Sagar in the world premiere
of Somebody's Baby.

Chad Stalzer, Melita Ann Sagar, and Trish DeBaun in
the award-winning world premiere of Somebody's Baby.

The cast of the Australian premiere of Somebody's Baby.

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