Friday, September 16, 2016

A Few of My Favorite Things v.3

It's Friday! Guess what that means? A night of wild partying? Not quite. I'm a writer, remember.

If you must know, I'm spending the evening at the theater, to watch the second performance of John Patrick Shanley's Danny and the Deep Blue Sea, which I was honored to direct.

BUT before the show, I'm here to continue a new tradition on this oh-so-fun blog of mine.

Every Friday I list a few of my favorite things to share with any kind soul who takes the time to read this.

On today's list...

1. Piña Colada Julius. I refer to this drink as "the main reason I go to Dairy Queen." It's pure perfection. As a child, I frequented Orange Julius at my local mall. It was kitschy, a little bizarre (let's not forget their mascot at one point was a cartoon devil, complete with pitchfork), and other worldly. Today, I'm still baffled by the merging with Dairy Queen, but happy it still exists. When I accidentally discovered this drink not too long ago, it was like discovering the nectar of the gods.

2. Queen Sugar. This new series is everything great television should be. This heart-wrenching and tear-jerking ensemble show is TV at its best. Created by the brilliant Ava DuVernay and produced by a goddess named Oprah (the show airs on her network OWN), this tale about a broken family trying to mend will have strong universal appeal. The cast, the writing, the cinematography - it's all breathtaking. In other words, watch this show.

3. Oldschool. This CD from German rock star Nena actually came out a year-and-a-half ago. While none of these tracks can touch her quintessential masterpiece 99 Luftballons, the music here is catchy, clever, and (for me) serves as a fantastic German lesson during my commute.

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  1. We are also enjoying Queen Sugar -- it's truly one of the best things I've ever seen on TV. Not sure I could handle the Julius, though. ;-)


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