Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2016: A Look Forward

I am giddy about 2016. I don't think I've ever been this stoked for a year before. Seriously, bring it on 2016.

Between a lighter teaching load, a rock-solid writing schedule, a zillion projects coming out, some fantastic trips planned, and some time to actually be a person now built in to my every day life, I couldn't be looking at a more promising horizon.

I'm not one for resolutions (why make them only to break them?). Instead, I've set some person goals for myself that seem achievable and not-so-scary to try. Baby steps, right?

Here's what's already happening as 2015 is coming to a close: I'm writing poetry again; two of my screenplays just won awards (one was international); I'm re-watching favorite films and following in love with storytelling all over again; I've been blessed with more opportunities than I know what to do with; I have a wonderful partner who's always in my corner cheering me on - and fantastic family and friends who remind me daily about love.

What more is there to ask for?

As a writer, I plan to work harder than ever this year. It's now or never. Ride or die. The point of no return.

I'm reaching for that brass ring in 2016.

It's my turn.

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