Thursday, August 15, 2013

Eve Make It Out This Town

 It's very rare that a song can uplift and motivate the way Eve's brilliant new anthem Make It Out This Town does. I applaud Eve for bringing a track with such a positive message and vibe to her faithful listeners, to the forefront of a hyper sexualized, auto-tuned crazed music industry. We need Eve and her in-your-face music now more than ever. A message of empowerment for young people is long overdue and desperately needed.

I relate to this song on many personal levels. It's no surprise to anyone who knows me this a new personal fave, a new cut in the soundtrack of my life. I'm sure the lyrics appeal to other creative people who were told, have been told, are being told to put their dreams aside and embrace reality. The only problem is a 9-to-5 death-by-cubicle reality isn't for everyone. This song embraces that. And so do I, with every decision I make.

I hope wherever you are, whoever you are - you read this, you turn the volume up loud, and you get refueled with all the creative energy you need to succeed. Don't give up. Ever. No matter what.

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