Thursday, January 31, 2013


My new novel Wonderland has just been let loose on the world, and I couldn't be happier.

Thanks to the good and generous people at Bold Strokes Books, who continue to support and believe in my work and allow me to take even the craziest chances, the novel is now available in eBook and paperback.

An excerpt from Wonderland is available here. Read it. Then buy the book. Not because I want to sell a zillion copies (that should be obvious - after all I'm an independent artist in a very corporate world and nothing would please this eternally exhausted writer more than to be able to make a living from something I love to do) but because this is my art, my craft. This book is an extension of me.

Give Wonderland to a young person you know. Share with them the message that love (and families) come in many forms, but the heart will always know and recognize love. Buy an extra copy and donate it to a local library or a shelter for homeless youth. Tell teachers and parents and librarians about it. Fall in love with it as much as I did while writing it.

Help this story about a young girl's journey into adulthood reach as many readers as possible.

I wrote this novel from the heart. I wrote it to remind anyone who reads it about the importance (and the disappearance) of love in our world. The process required me to return to a time in my life before the slightly jaded edges of adulthood hampered my ability to believe in the impossible. It was an emotional journey that forced me to recall the loss of innocence and the deaths of people I loved and still do.

I stand behind Wonderland with everything I have and am. I did not write this book for critics. I wrote it for the girl who walks home alone from school - not because she has to - but because she prefers the company of her daydreams.

Wonderland is about the beautiful, unbreakable bond between a young girl and her mother.

It's about a young girl named Destiny who is taken away from everything she's ever known and loved and sent to an unfamiliar place she must learn to call home.

It's about choosing love.

It's about believing in magic.

No matter what anybody tells you - there's nothing wrong with that.

David-Matthew Barnes

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