Monday, January 30, 2012

Women Who Rock: Red Five

What's happened to women in rock? I'm not talking about the manufactured pop radio-friendly stuff that's horribly mismarketed as "punk rock" to the unknowing younger generation.

Save for a few true bands (I offer The Dollyrots as a perfect example of a female fronted rock band that works, mostly because Kelly Ogden is a brilliant musician), the musical landscape is sadly lacking of girls who aren't afraid to kick some serious audio ass.

Where are the Courtney Loves, the Veruca Salts, the Kim Deals, and the Joan Jetts of the new era? Where are the angry girls who actually know how to play a guitar?

I ask these questions because over the weekend, I rediscovered one of the all-time greatest girl rock bands (which sadly very few people have heard of): Red Five. The fact that these women (Jenni McElrath and Betty Carmellini ) never became household names/music icons is a great shame.  

Do yourself a favor. Go buy/download/worship their 41-song anthology. By the second track, you'll be just as in love as I was, still am, and always will be.
The anthology includes (in its entirety) the band's materpiece album Flash.

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