Friday, October 14, 2011

Release Me

My, my, my what a whirlwind the past two weeks have been. I think some sort of personal record was set: I had more projects released/published/reviewed than ever before.

You've already read about the ass kicking my young adult novel Swimming to Chicago received earlier this month by a no-name's-mentioned ginormous and powerful review site. Thankfully, the novel fell back into the good graces (and hearts) of Amos Lassen (who gave the book a beautiful review) and author D. Jackson Leigh who's review was probably the nicest critique my work has received to date. Wherever she is, God bless her...

Swimming to Chicago (my third novel) was released two weeks early by my wonderful publisher Bold Strokes Books. Within days of each other, the paperback and eBook editions both hit the market. I couldn't be more pleased. The novel has been a part of my life for over eight years. I'm happy it's finally in the hands of readers.

JAC Publishing & Promotions released my stage play Sloe Gin Fizz in print and a Kindle edition (kudos to the company for being clever publishers - releasing stage plays in Kindle editions is a brilliant move). This has been a long-awaited play. Excerpts from the script were featured in an edition of The Best Men's Stage Monologues. Over the years, I've received lots and lots of requests from actors for the script in its entirety. No one has been more surprised than me by the tremendous interest in and response to this little play. Don't believe what anyone tells you: romance is not dead - and neither is true love. This play is proof of that.

JAC also released a trilogy of my one-act plays, under the collective title Don't Mention It (also in print and a Kindle edition). The collection contains three all-female plays exploring a broad rage of issues: Bracelets and Boyfriends, False Hopes, and Don't Mention It.

Also in the happening: a Kindle edition of my second novel Accidents Never Happen was released, my poem Walking to K-Mart to Buy a Dolly Parton Album was featured in the just-released current issue of The Southeast Review, my poem Harm's Way made the current issue of the Red Booth Review, my first novel Mesmerized jumped back onto a bestsellers list for teens (and was released in a Nook edition!), and I officialy became a co-writer for the pilot episode of an upcoming television series.

Alas, no rest for the wicked (or the creatively fueled). I'm now hard at work on my fifth novel, a supernatural teen romance titled Wonderland.

I do plan to catch my breath at some point this weekend.

You never know what next week may bring...

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  1. Sloe Gin Fizz might be my favorite show of yours. I really want to direct it someday.


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