Friday, April 22, 2011

8 States in 4 Days

Here are some photos from the 4-day mini book tour I went on (with my partner-in-all-things Edward) in support of my novel Mesmerized. We drove almost 1,500 miles and made it through 8 states in 4 days.

 On Thursday, we made the almost 9-hour drive from Atlanta to Staunton, VA. I visited Staunton back in 2008, when I was teaching at Penn State, on a field trip with the theatre department. I'd always hoped to go back, and this trip provided the perfect opportunity to do so. We stayed at the Stonewall Jackson Hotel - awesome place.

This sign leads people to one of my favorite theatres in the world.
The American Shakespeare Center! We saw The Comedy of Errors here on Thursday night. Random trivia: I played Dromio of Ephesus in a college production of the play in 1995.

A very adorable book store in Staunton, and just down the road from The Split Banana!

I took this photo for one of my best friends, Nance Haxton. She lives in Australia (we met in NYC in 1996 during a blizzard, both trapped for days in a youth hostel together), where she's an award-winning journalist. She loves all things turtles, so this seemed like the perfect shop just for her!

I've elected this the coolest window display ever. It stopped me in my tracks.

Both terrifying and strangely beautiful. You can't look away.

On Friday, we drove to Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA. I hadn't been back to Pennsylvania in two years. The people at Muhlenberg were wonderful (super shout out to Anita Kelly). After a very yummy dinner, I read from Mesmerized and signed copies. I was thrilled that fellow Bold Strokes Books author PJ Treblhorn came to the reading! Edward and I stayed in a beautiful guest house on campus. Pictures from Muhlenberg will be posted soon (once we get them off of Edward's phone)!

Saturday morning, we were up early and off to Philadelphia! Our journey there was adventurous, to say the least. We almost ended up in Atlantic City (thanks to our less-than-reliable GPS) and had a brief detour to New Jersey.

I couldn't go to Philadelphia without taking Edward to see a bell named Liberty!

Here's Edward in Philly! We both fell in love with the building behind him. Very cool architecture!

Edward and me in Philly! I've been there twice now and love it.

A wall of beauty in Philly - right outside of the Independence Vistors Center.

I love this photo of Edward - one of the few I have of him smiling. But, I think his smile is related to the caption on the painting. I am free now.

Edward found a new friend in Philly!

A copy of my novel on a shelf in the famous bookstore Giovanni's Room in Philly! I signed copies of the book. Then, we went across the street where Edward had his first official Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich.

We spent Saturday night in Cornelius, North Carolina (photos posted soon), before heading home on Sunday morning to Atlanta! We had a wonderful time, and have a lot of beautiful memories from the trip! We can't wait for the next one!

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