Saturday, May 23, 2009


The question of the hour, day, week, month, year is...where will I be living in the fall? The choices have been limited down to (after job interviews, agonizing, contemplations and way too much soul searching): Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York. Or do I stick it out for another year in Altoona (where the very kind university that I am teaching at part-time have generously offered me three classes to teach in the fall)? I am down to the wire (my lease is up on my apartment on August 1), so a decision must be made relatively soon (as in yesterday). Sometimes being a grown up really sucks.


  1. Boston. I hear that there are a lot of great places you'll enjoy, like the South End. OH...and someone who misses you tremendously lives there!

  2. Hellllloooo!! Hotlanta of course darling! The South needs you my friend, and I miss you terribly! I know what you're going through on the job front though, I just graduated from Agnes Scott with my M.A.T. and am desperately (and I mean DESPERATELY) looking for teaching positions...I'll take anything, Middle, High or Community College. Although you know me, I've managed to romanticize every single school I go to for an interview...ahhh the creativity of an urban school...the charm of fancy southern neighborhood...the appeal of the college bound know what I mean! Keep me posted on what you decide, and I will do the same. Until the next time! Trixie



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